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    Specialised Services

    Not all mortgage applications are the same. If you visit your bank or building society, they will have one set of criteria and rules they need to follow. At AM Mortgages we have access to products across the market to be able to find the right lender to fit your situation. We have a wealth of success stories which we are incredibly proud of. Here are some of the areas we specialise in, but if you have something else to consider, it will be our pleasure to research for you:

    Credit Impaired

    Whether you have had a ‘blip’ such as a missed mobile phone bill or bigger issues such as a CCJ or even bankruptcy.

    Forces Help to Buy

    Being near many naval bases we have plenty of experience in Forces help to buy. Both new and old schemes we can help you understand the process and find the right lender.

    Complex Income

    We can look at all self-employed / company directors / sole traders / partnerships / contractors / foster income / benefits, the list goes on!


    Calling all doctors, teachers, solicitors, accountants, barristers, etc, etc, we can look at personalised lending to consider your income and growth.

    Later Life Lending*

    Busting another myth that you can only have a mortgage until the age of 70, we have plenty of experience of stretching lending into retirement.

    *this service is offered via a third party.


    (House of multiple occupancy) we are ‘hot’ on the rules and regulations around these type of properties for buy to let purposes. Again, it will take a specialist lender to consider this.

    Portfolio Landlords

    We are privileged to currently manage clients who have either recently started or have existing rental portfolios. Lending around this can be a little complex and when you are a busy landlord you need someone to take ownership start to finish, including solicitor paperwork. We have even helped client’s source suitable investment properties from local agents.

    Unusual Property

    Sometimes you come across a deal which maybe ‘too good to be true’ and this maybe due to the property being built with a construction method which is non-standard therefore not all lenders accept.

    Family Assisted

    It can be really difficult for first time buyers to save a deposit of 10-15% which is usually required, however we have helped families get on the property ladder with 95 or even 100% mortgages with the right schemes.


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